Jason Rice is the creator of SAA - Breath Control Training systems.  He is a performance and stress management specialist with 30+ years of teaching, instructing and employment as a specialist first responder having worked in a variety of high risk and demanding environments.  This along with a lifetime of athletic and aquatic adventuring make him a well rounded instructor and suitably qualify him to provide high level education on how to manage stress and fear and make decisions when the pressure is on.

Jason holds multiple instructor certifications from his diving, coaching, health and fitness and first response vocations. SAA specialises in the development and delivery of niche stress and fear management education including both water and land based breathing and breath control training.   Jason has a growing reputation as professional and engaging presenter.

Heres what one of his clients had to say


"I went to Jason’s breath hold training course last year with an open mind. I love surfing and anything else in the ocean including freediving now and then. Jason took my under water breath hold from 2 mins in the first dive, to 3 mins on the second dive to over 4 mins of breath hold on my final immersion. His experience in this field allowed me to push myself to levels of confidence I didn’t know existed. I enjoyed all the training and the way he presented it - he is a powerfully engaging professional. Naturally he is a great coach and I recommend his training to anyone who wants to thrive both on land and in the water - it’s not just about holding your breath... it’s about feeling calm and energised."