Breath holding for water people

The Surf Apnea course is Australias premier breath holding course for aquatic athletes.  It has been developed via years of research and development and knowledge gathered from the freediving, surfing and first responding communities.   As a result we have been able to cut away the fluff and focus on expanding the depth of what is essential to the development of holding your breath and function during critical high stress situations like surfing hold downs.    

This is a full day course (approx 6hrs) that provides in depth information essential for dealing with sudden and intense situations such as surfing hold downs.  The Survival Apnea course use freediving and surfing insights to provide specific knowledge of what the body and mind go through when stressed (particularly when underwater on a single breath).  The course uses the surfing hold down to teach a suite of tools that can be used to manage stress in any scenario.  Although it is a very popular course among surfers the skills learned on this course are applicable to anyone at any level who wishes to develop more skillful breathing, lung vitality, improve performance, recovery, stress management, self awareness, self control and of course their breath hold.

The course is suitable for all levels from absolute beginners to kamikaze chargers and pros and has many takeaways for non surfers that are applicable across all facets of life, health and performance.  In a nutshell we are teaching you self awareness and self control tools that enhance your ability to manage stress and enable you to make better decisions when under the pump.  

You will learn about the breath hold journey and develop skills to improve your survivability when exposed to intense situations such as surfing hold downs and how you can enhance these skills by using simple and effective training methods.

We have a very broad and diverse range of people attending our courses and it is open to anyone who wishes to come along providing they can swim 100M (you can use swim fins if required).  This is not a "big wave / surf survival " course purse' but it does deliver content and tools critical to improving your breath hold and survivability during intense situations in very dynamic and challenging aquatic environments.

The training is very safe (no more risk than conventional lap swimming) as we do not use hypoxia based breath holds.  Instead we use CO2 to stimiulate the urge to breath way before there is any risk of you running out of oxygen.  The use of hypercania techniques has many health and performance spin offs for the non surfer and surfer alike.  

The content is very scalable, is able to be adjusted toward a more health or performance orientation and can be easily adapted to cater for specific needs of any cohort.  We have catered for people of all ages from 8 years and beyond.  We run everything from super grom / drown proofing programs to stress management training for first responders.  


Topics covered include:  Breath hold physiology and the breath hold journey,  nervous system function,  managing  stress / fear / threat responses, relaxation techniques, self awareness and self control. Static and Dynamic training methods and safety systems.

Gear required - swim goggles and surf wetsuit. 

Prerequisite - Ability to swim 100m unassisted ( you can use rubber swim fins if required).

Minimum age - 15 years ( 12 years if accompanied by a responsible adult)

The Surf Apnea course sets you up with the practical experience and fundamental knowledge required to commence your own training practice.  All the water based drills can be practiced post the course enabling you to become a better version of yourself and ultimately making you harder to kill!