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Get yourself certified as an instructor of Australias Premier surf specific breath holding course.


Are you a freediver, breath worker, surf or sports coach, PT or trainer?  Compliment your suite of training tools with a very unique point of difference by delivering cutting edge breath hold and breath training. Provide your clients benefits not only for surfing hold downs but across all sporting disciplines. Apnea training has been found to benefit everyone from performance based athletes to general health and welbeing including aging populations by: boosting EPO (up to 25% increase), improving CO2 and Lactate acid tolerance, improving oxygen effiency, providing a high intensity conditioning effect with low intensity impact and low injury risk, providing a great rehab alternative and more. Apnea training has even been found to be more effective in creating adaptions to high altitude than actually training at altitude or in altitude rooms.  Apnea training is the new secret weapon for many performance based disciplines and can be an awesome point of difference for any trainer or coach.

If you have any questions please send us an email via our website contacts page and get to work on mastering the prerequisites for this certification.

Typically in the past a prerequisite requirement for SA instructors was that they held an accredited freediving instructor certification.  This created a few headaches for candidates as the Freediving instructor journey requires several months full time commitment.   However the process ensured SA instructors candidates possessed an appropriate degree of knowledge and skill relative to breath holding and stress management and could not only teach but were able to provide high level demonstrations and anecdotal experiences. Our instructors need to be able to put their money where their mouth is so to speak as this ability underpins the very point we are trying to get across in our courses and maintains the integrity of our brand and the industry. The downside to this was the process excluded many very suitable candidates who had a lot of ocean, sporting or coaching experience and ability to develop the necessary breath holding skills and knowledge but simply weren’t freedivers and had no interest in being freedivers.  Eg the likes of surfers, aquatic and other athletes, coaches, trainers and lifeguards etc.  As a result we have included a few bench mark pre requisite requirements that must be meet prior to our certification being issued.  They are (1) 3.00 minute static breath hold.  (2) 50M under water pool swim (dynamic no fins – on a single breath).  (3) Unconscious patient - Deep water rescue from 5M and (4) 5 minute presentation on a topic we choose for you from the course material.


These are not difficult requirements to develop and many people who do our one day Surf Apnea course have no problems achieving breath holds at this level simply by applying the techniques we are teaching them.  If the requirements aren’t met on the Instructor course we allow 3 months for the candidate to meet them (this can be done by providing video evidence or by private retest).  We will provide assistance to all candidates to ensure everyone achieves the required standards prior to being certified as a SA Instructor. Our goal is to develop and maintain the highest standard of instructor who we are satisfied will make great ambassadors for our brand its reputation and the industry.


Survival Apnea (International) is the certifying body for the Survival Apnea (surf survival) and Performance breathing courses.  However people who complete the course delivered by Survival Apnea Australia also receive the Survival Apnea Australia (SAA) version of the surf survival course which has been tweaked specifically for Australian and NZ and to include non-surfing audiences.  Plus the SAA Breath FX + Ice - Breath Control Workshop (this workshop incudes a ice water immersion).  Candidates who are certified by Survival Apnea Australia also receive a comprehensive SAA instructor manual (90 pages)

containing information we feel all our instructors need to be up to speed with and that brings their knowledge up to a level of someone who has completed a freediving instructor certification.  This makes our full package quite a comprehensive bundle.  We believe we are currently one of the leading providers for this type of training in the world.


Both our Survival Apnea and Breath FX programs are currently being expanded for use with general sporting communities such as ball sports codes like Aussie rules and Rugby league.  To that end we have been approached to develop breath training programs for top NRL teams in Australia, police tactical response teams and have previously worked with fighters (MMA, Ju jitsu and boxing), military and specialist first responders.  Demonstrating the broad relevance of our courses content.  Our courses are also regularly attended by medical practitioners, allied health professionals and corporates.


As part of the course we transfer the following IP to instructors.


  • Survival Apnea – Surf survival – Course presentation (Powerpoint)

  • Survival Apnea – Surf survival – Course presentation Instructor notes

  • Survival Apnea – Surf survival – Course presentation Student notes

  • Survival Apnea - Breath for health and performance (workshop) – Instructor and student notes

  • Survival Apnea – Surf survival – Access to the instructor online training portal and a profit share arrangement for any of your students who purchase any Survival Apnea online training materials

  • Survival Apnea Australia – Course Presentation (Powerpoint)

  • Survival Apnea Australia – Course Presentation work book (Powerpoint accompaniment)

  • Survival Apnea Australia – Instructor handbook (This is the Instructor bible and includes an extensive reading list)

  • Survival Apnea Australia / Breath FX workshop template


The course schedule for four days is as follows.


Day 1 

The Survival Apnea Australia – Surf Apnea Course

0815 – 0830 Course registration - Classroom

0830 – 1130 Theory – Classroom

1130 - 1230 Lunch

1230 – 1530 Practical - Pool


Day 2

0630 – 0730 Pool training session (60 minutes)

0730 - 0830 Breaky

0830 -1130 SA Template presentation  - How to use the powerpoint - methodology and explanations

1130 – 1230 Lunch

1230 – 1630 Powerpoint teach backs


Day 3 

0630 – 0730 Pool training session

0730 - 0830 Breaky

0830 - 1130 Pool session - Practical (Pool) drills  - methodology and explanations - Water based teach backs

1130 - 1230 Lunch

1230 - 1630 Breath workshop


Day 4 

0630 -0730 Pool training session

0730-0830 Breaky

0830 -1130 Pool session - Prerequisite testing

1130 – 1230 Lunch

1330 - 1530 Formal classroom assessments - 5 minute – “Soldiers five” – Topics from instructor handbook - allocated on day one.

1530 - Course completion - presentation.


Instructors are able to attend any of our courses or training sessions for free and we invite all new instructors to assist on our courses and provide ongoing Instructor development opportunities where ever possible.  This is a very comprehensive package to ensure we produce the highest standard of instructor.


The original Survival Apnea Instructor certification was run over 5-6 days.  We have condensed this into 4 full days (0630-1630) to make it more manageable for attendees.  However weve also added a lot more content so it is a very intensive experience combining theory and knowledge development, class room teach backs, practical pool drills and pool teach backs plus a couple of early morning training sessions.   Once you are certified Instructors can attend any of the courses we are delivering and assist in order to gain more experience before heading out on their own. 


We also offer the Instrustor Certification privately.  Depending on how an individual progresses during a private certification we may be able to shave ½ to 1 day off the delivery time but that may mean a couple of longer days. Please contact us directly for pricing and availability.

Cant make it to a course - we also deliver the instructor certification privately or one on one.

More info about the Certification course can be found by clicking on the registration link.