CO2 GAME ON! You will experience advanced surf apnea exercises and training drills expanding you learned in our Surf Apnea (survival) course. Develop further adaptations, spice up your training sessions and push your comfort zone just that little bit more. A must for the serious CO2 Lover!

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Time & Location

31 Mar 2019, 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

Noosa Aquatic Centre, 6 Girraween Ct, Sunshine Beach QLD 4567, Australia

About The Event

Instructor : Jason Rice

The Level 2 Surf Apnea workshop is a "game on!" half day (3 hr) completely hands on workshop delivered like an expanded training session. If you have done our Basic Surf Apnea (survival) course and want to gain some new training ideas this workshop is your next step. You will build on the insights and principals you covered in the Surf Apnea course. You will learn a suite of more advanced water based drills to add to your "Harder to Kill" tool box enabling you to fire up your dive reflex, ramp up your training and really challenge your comfort zone paving the way toward profound adaptions. At times this workshop will take you deep within yourself on a voyage of self discovery enabling you to explore both mental and physical boundries and with practise you will make dealing with intense situations like surfing hold downs a breeze!

You will definitely have a deeper understanding of what the human body and mind go through when under intense stress and how you can maintain awareness and control honing your OODA loop in order to maintain sound decision making capabilities.

You will exprience more physiology, develop more understanding of the business end of the breath hold journey and learn tactics and strategies to develop adaptations to overcome any “extremely uncomfortable and intense situations” such as two wave surfing hold downs.

This is the ultimate stress management workshop!

Topics covered include: Switching on the Dive Reflex. Combating the urge to Breath. Breathing, recovery and relaxation techniques.There will be a 2min 30 Static Breath Hold and a 50 M underwater swim challenge. Surf specific swimming and dynamic apnea training drills. Safety and rescue protocols when training. Students are provided reference notes of the exercises and drills and those who complete the performance challenge of 2.30 minute static breath hold and 50 M under water swim will receive a certificate issued by Survival Apnea (International).

We promise you everyone who completes this workshop will leave being "harder to kill!!!"

*Compulsory prerequisite - Our full day Surf Apnea (survival) course or an equivalent (such as completion of a recognised surf survival or freediving course) is a compulsory prerequisite for the Surf Apnea Level 2 (Advanced) workshop.

Ability to swim 200m unassisted.

No exceptions sorry!

Gear required - swim goggles (not a dive mask), surf wetsuit / vest plus swimmers or boardies (If your are not a strong swimmer we suggest you bring body board or similar style rubber swim fins).

NOTE: Although most pool water is a constant 27-28 degrees C you will be in the water 2-3 hours. The body cools dramatically as time of exposure to water increases particularly during static breath holds (which we will be doing in the first part of the workshop as part of a warm up). So thermal protection that can be removed once the dynamic drills commence is highly recommended.





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