Want to teach Australias premier surf breath holding course?  We occasionally train suitable individuals to become SAA instructors.  Our instructor course is a 5 day intensive and demanding course which includes pass / fail assessments.  All of which must be successfully completed prior to the candidate being granted instructor status.   Completion of the course requires advanced breath holding and watermanship skills and meeting of all course prerequisites prior to attending the course proper.   If you are interested in becoming a SAA instructor please contact us using the link below.

We can provide assistance with training programs and mentoring for candidates prior to them undertaking the course to ensure the best opportunity for success.

Pre requisites include:  Minimum level 1 open water freediving certification from any recognised provider (we can provide this as part of your training if required), Completion of the following SAA prerequisite pool tests: 50M dynamic no fin under water swim on a single breath, 3.30min static breath hold, 100M one breath drill.  If you are able to meet these requirements you will be able to successfully complete all the physical components of the instructor course.


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