Want to teach Australias premier and industry leading surf breath holding course? 

We occasionally train suitable individuals to become SAA CERTIFIED instructors.  The 5 -7 day Instructor selection course is an extreme water based assessment process.  Kind of a like a hell week in a pool.   The course is an intense process designed to push candidates to their limits and discover how they cope and can make decisions when under the pump on a single breath.


Upon initial application candidates are required to provide a one page essay that covers their background and experience, why they wish to become a SAA Instructor and what their intentions are once they are certified. 


Course Pre requisite

Applicants require one of the following: Cert IV TAE 40116 – Training and Assessment or any other recognised coaching or training certification such as Cert IV - Fitness / Surf Coach accreditation / Sport and Recreation/ Freedive Instructor Certification.  Plus Hold a minimum level 1 open water freediving certification (we can provide this as an addition to or part of the SAA Certified instructor course if required).

Note all candidates must hold a current recognised first aid and advanced resuscitation qualification.


The SAA Surf Apnea course is currently being developed as a commercial unit of competency under the Australian Quality Skills Framework and may subsequently become and approved elective VET unit under a certificate  qualification stream.  This may present future commercial opportunities for SAA instructors who hold a Cert IV TAE 40116 – Trainer and Assessor qualification.


Physical performance prerequisite - tests

3.30 static breath hold

50M no fins underwater swim on a single breath

100M 1 breath drill (Swimming 100M underwater with no fins / taking one breath only every 12.5M for 100M). 


Note: The performance prerequisites are tested on day 1 and must be passed to continue on with the Instructor course proper.   If a candidate is able to complete these prerequisites on we know they’ll get through the physical components of the selection course and be suitably skilled to teach our content.  The selection course is a pass / fail course.  Candidates who do not meet the required prerequisites or any other component will be provided   re test opportunities.


The selection course is a continuous 5-7 day rigorous and rolling pass / fail assessment that includes learning the SAA Surf Apnea sweet of drills, demonstrating knowledge of our learning materials and performing teach backs of the course content.  Expect an intensive few days of breath, ice and water work.   Candidates will need a solid background in watermanship and ‘skin in the game’ to successfully pass the water components of the course. SAA Instructors are expected to walk the walk!   Candidates attitudes, demeanours, professionalism and general suitability as SAA ambassadors and community educators will also be assessed throughout the entire selection process.

NOTE: The instructor selection course can delivered as an internship over several weeks for individuals not able to commit to an entire one week block.  Please contact us for further information relating to the internship style delivery.


What you get:

As a SAA Certified Surf Apnea Instructor you will receive the following;


  1. Instructor certification with Survival Apnea Australia and authority to teach the Surf Apnea course using our course material within your current business framework.

  2. Instructor certification with Survival Apnea (international) and access to their online Instructor training portal.

  3. HUET – Helicopter Underwater Escape Training

  4. PADI Basic Freediver certification ( or open water certification if it is offered as part of your course

  5. Opportunity to participate in SAA commercial ventures.


Instructors can refer to themselves as a SAA certified instructor with in their existing business and can deliver the SAA Surf apnea course and Survival Apnea (SA) Surf Survival courses within the framework of their existing businesses.