THE CO2 ADVANTAGE  is a full day land based course that aims to demystify and simplify the lost art of breathing and breath holding as tools that can be used to improve health and performance.   AS with all our courses we seek to cut through the waffle and unnecessary mumbo jumbo of complexities and mystery that often surrounds breath work.  When it comes down to it there are some pretty basic fundamentals that underpin all breathing techniques.    Once the nuts and bolts of these fundamentals are understood you can identify and correct breathing dysfunction, enhance breathing mechanics and practice simple effective techniques that are easily introduced into existing routines that can provide profound changes and enhancements to health and performance.


Improved breathing habits can:

  • Provide an altitude training affect more effective than training at altitude

  • Improve sexual function

  • Improve cardiovascular function 

  • Improve CO2 / lactic acid tolerance

  • Improve self awareness & control

  • Improve mental focus

  • Improve lung vitality

  • Increase EPO production 

  • Increase NO2 production

  • Increase O2 efficiency 

  • Improve breath hold time

  • Increase  recovery & relaxation

  • Improve stress management

Your breath is your power - be harder to kill!

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